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Condensed Matter Theory
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Kehrein Theses  

PhD theses

Ongoing projects

- Nils Abeling: Microscopic foundation of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis

- Kristof Harms: Correlation buildup and real time evolution in low-dimensional correlated electron systems

- Ingo Homrighausen: Non-equilibrium dynamics beyond the mean-field approximation 

- Manuel Kreye: Spatiotemporal buildup of correlations in the Hubbard model

Finished theses

- Fabian Biebl: Thermalization in one-dimensional quantum many-body systems (2016)

- Markus Schmitt: Dynamics of isolated quantum many-body systems far from equilibrium (2017)


Master theses

Ongoing projects

- Niklas Boelter: Entanglement entropies in free fermion models

- Hannes Coners: Flow equation holography for the transverse field Ising model

Finished theses

- Oskar Schnaack: Dynamics of the tripartite information in quantum many body systems (2017)

- Jana Neumeister: Flow equation disentangling in the Kitaev honeycomb model (2017)

- Kristof Harms: Disentangling geodesics in the Hilbert space (2016)

- Manuel Kreye: Unruh effect in non-equilibrium quench dynamics (2016)

- David-Maximilian Storch: Lieb-Robinson bounds in quantum systems with long-range interactions (2015)

- Markus Schmitt: Dynamical quantum phase transitions in the Kitaev honeycomb model (2014)

- Nils Abeling: Analysis of the quench dynamics of the transverse field Ising model at non-zero temperature (2014)